The indoor mall. This is a staple in Minnesota.  It began here, and continues to be something that makes shopping easy.  You get several stores all in one place without having to pay for shipping or waiting for your order to show up.  Online shopping has become more popular, but there is still something about the instant gratification of buying something on the spot and having it available immediately.

Also- it's still easier than shopping online.  At least in my opinion, and possibly safer.  Although there are arguments against both of those statements in some others' opinions.  I also like to read a regular book, too.  As opposed to an ipad or Kindle or something along those lines.

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But if you have been to the Crossroads mall here in St. Cloud recently, you will see more and more stores are either closing or haven't reopened since the pandemic. The reasons given for the stores closing have been anything from worker shortage to rent too high for volume of revenue. There have been a couple of additions, but not too many.  Or you will see stores with limited hours compared to what it used to be a few years ago.

If you head to the Mall of America, you will see 10 new stores that have opened this year.  Some opened right at the end of last year, but the point is that they seem to be growing even if people are saying that the trend is going towards online shopping.

The new stores at MOA have something for everyone.  From food, to apparel. to a store where you can design your own model car to a store that features the lifestyle based on MPLS/ST. PAUL neighborhoods.

The new stores are these:

Juice Box- This is pretty obvious as to what they have to offer.

Ridemakerz- Design and make your own model car.  You can do whatever you'd like- all to scale.  The cars are about the size of a football.

The Neighborhood- Represents the lifestyle of neighborhoods around the twin cities area.

Aland-  Retail originating in Korea.  Features apparel, and home goods.

Arula- Plus size shopping experience

Beard Papas- I would have thought it might be a place for men's grooming.  No- it's actually cream puffs of several varieties.

Dauren World Wide- Streetwear

Duck Donuts- Well, this is a donut shop. people.

Draper James- Began by actress Reese Witherspoon.  Featuring apparel, accessories and home goods representing her Southern roots and named after her grandparents

Global Braids- specializing in natural hair with natural hair products.

Taking a trip to the Bloomington area?  Check out these new stores.

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