The adult cast of the hit comedy sitcom 'Modern Family' has been in a battle with show producers 20th Century Fox Television over their contracts for the past few months. Well the battle has ended, and the cast won.

Cast members Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Sofia Vergara bound together to renegotiate their contracts, and though it got messy for a bit there, the cast ended up on top.

At one point there was speculation that the cast and producers weren't going to be able to compromise and the show would go off the air, but thank god someone came to their senses and finally agreed to a deal.

Each of the adult cast members were bringing in about $65,000 per episode up until this point. Now with the new contracts they will each be making just over $150,000 per episode. No that's what I call a pay raise! And that's actually less than what they asked for, they went in wanting $200,000 per episode. Crazy right?! I can't believe what these people make. But I will admit it's a really great show, one of the best sitcoms in a long time.

As part of the deal they all agreed to add one year onto their current seven season contract, and it looks like by the time they reach season eight they actors will be raking in around $350,000 per episode. The fourth season of 'Modern Family' will premiere Wednesday September 26th on ABC.

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