They are back!  The Monster cereals are here for the Halloween season.  It's October, it's fine.  It's the right time.

What I noticed about this display is that it isn't just the big three cereals.  Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berries.  They brought back Fruit Brute and also Captain Crunch has gotten in on the deal.  Two options from that one. I do like the fact that they have more to choose from.  With that said, we all know that none of these choices are healthy choices.  So, do you still buy them for your kids?  I mean, it's Halloween.  Has the ship already sailed on the healthy train since they will be going trick or treating for candy later this month anyway?

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And on that... how do you handle the candy haul that kids get?  Do you just let them eat until they are kind of sick? Or, put it away and only allow them to have a piece or two each day?  Do you let your kids trick or treat because it's fun then just let them pick a few of their favorites and then donate the rest?  What is the right thing to do these days?

Now, talking about extra expense... all of the boxes are labeled as "Family Size".  But honestly, I didn't notice the box being any bigger than a regular size cereal box.  Also - $4.99 a box?  Doesn't that seem kind of pricey?  Especially when they are a limited edition... you want people to buy these, right?  Or maybe that is the deal.  Since they are limited edition let's charge more.  Blah.

Whatever.  It's Halloween time and Monster cereals are available.  Maybe a great snack while you are watching Halloween type movies.  Have fun!

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