Meet the Moondance Jammers. To call them just your typical partiers would be sort of an insult. Oh, don't get me wrong. They DO party it up -- and we're talking four solid days of some pretty hard-core partying.

What I mean when I say that it's an insult, is that Moondance Jam is a lot more than a big party for a lot of people. While putting together these two photo galleries, and asking them to share their photo's, I learned a little something about the stories behind these images.

What I realized is that Moondance Jam is more than just a tradition for a lot of people,  it's an annual pilgrimage -- a migration if you will. MDJ is not only just a place to cut loose a little, but it's also a place where memories are made, bonds are formed, and some life-long friendships start. Some "Jammers" have been going to Moondance Jam, Every. Single. Year. -- for over 20 years now.

I know that it must have given everyone a lousy feeling when it was announced that Moondance Jammin Country Fest had been postponed until next year. Many people have been holding their breath, wondering week after week if this years' Jam was going to happen. That news does not help.

After I heard the news myself, I knew I had to get the second gallery up this weekend. If you missed it check out the first gallery: Moondance Jam 2019 - "The Bands."

To the "Jammers", THANK YOU so much for all the photos you submitted. It was way more than I expected. I do feel like I know a few of you a little more now, and I was looking forward to meeting many of you this year. If MDJ doesn't happen this year, then next year it is. And you thought Moondance Jam 30 was going to be big before??

Please, share this link with friends, family, and anyone you know who was in one of these photos. I do have more to add, and I will update the gallery very soon.

A special thanks to Jerry Ecklund Photography for letting us use some of his photos. Excellent work, sir!


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Meet the 2019 Moondance Jammers

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