Many people have been doing the 'Moondance Jam' thing for many, many years. It's an annual tradition, like spending the Fourth of July watching a fireworks show at a certain location or always having Christmas at a certain house.

Doing that yearly 'Moondance Jam' trip has not been the case for me like some people. My first experience at Moondance Jam was last year. And when I look back at the great bands they've had over the last 20+ years, I wish I could have been there every year. Last year was really fun.

But regardless of the past, it's 2020 and in the word's of Marvin Gaye...'what's going on?'

Here's what we know as of March 8th, 2020. Four, just FOUR acts have been introduced so far. Those acts are Alice Cooper, Night Ranger, Beach Boys and Daughtry.

We, the people, want more.

I'm sure we'll get the updates sometime soon. But it's knowing that SO many artist's are touring this year and I'm just hoping some of them are a part of 'Moondance Jam'.

It's really just the anticipation that's killing me. No matter what, I'll be there.

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