The list is coming along for what promises to be another stellar Moondance Jam. So far, acts scheduled to appear are The Beach Boys, Night Ranger, Alice Cooper and Daughtry.


I had the opportunity to see Alice Cooper at Moondance a several years ago and as usual, he put on a great show.  If you were there, you might remember there was quite a delay in Alice taking the stage, due to a canopy collapsing and dumping collected rain water all over the mixing board.

My wife will be pretty excited with the announcement of Alice Cooper joining this year's Moondance lineup. A few years ago, we went backstage to see Alice and he and my wife talked for quite awhile. "Such a nice man" she would say on the way home.


We'll keep you posted as Moondance continues to add to this year's lineup. This year's Moondance will be held July 16th-18th.  For complete Moondance Jam 2020 info, check out their website at

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