Buying hope.  That's what I call anything involving a lottery.  There's always that chance you could win... until it's over.

The Minnesota Millionaire Raffle sold out in 23 days last year.  Did you get a ticket?  I didn't, so I knew there was no chance of winning.  There is always a chance if you at least buy the ticket.  Maybe I shouldn't be so negative... but you know, it's gambling.

Anyway, this year the Minnesota lottery is adding a couple more prize tiers to their raffle.  This gives players more chances to least some money. The tickets went on sale this week (Tuesday) and it's one of the better chances that you may have to win a million dollars because the amount of tickets sold is limited.

According to Bring Me the News, the Minnesota lottery added 100K more tickets to be sold which brings the total number of tickets available up to 800K.  There will for sure be 2 million dollar tickets drawn, but there will also be some lesser prizes.

And now, more chances to win some money:

It's added new prize levels at $50,000 and $200, which the lottery says will increase the overall odds of winning a prize to 1 in 51.03, which is an improvement from the previous odds of 1 in 56.81.

There will be five $50,000 prizes and 150 prizes at the $200 level.

The tickets themselves are for sale right now for $10 each.  And there are a limited amount of tickets which sell out every year.  So if you want a ticket... or two... probably head to your local participating gas station to buy your "chance at hope" to be a millionaire!  Good luck!

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