It's January in Minnesota, as we all know it's the coldest month of the year. We Minnesotans do our best to get through it with fun activities and just trying to stay warm.

So when there is cold temps in the forecast, we shrug, mumble something under our breath, put another layer of clothing on and daydream about the warmer weather coming in a few months.

Get ready for more of that "awesome" January weather. The National Weather Service forecast for this week calls for more of the same.

Monday: Cloudy with a high of 28. That's pretty good but that's the warmest it will be all week. There's a good chance of snow Monday night with 1-3 inches possible and temps steady.

Tuesday: That's when the cold comes back. Temps falling to the low teens by early evening.

Wednesday: Chance of snow and a high of 12

Thursday: The sun comes back but the temps stay cold. High of 11

Friday: The work week ends with warmer temps and more snow possible. High of 25

Weekend: Right back to the frigid temps. With the high winds in the forecast, we'll probably see Wind Chill Advisories.


Stay Warm My Friends


Disclaimer: Weather subject to change and I'm not a weather guy.


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