I know people who drive by cemeteries and get an uneasy feeling just because they are driving by a bunch of dead bodies. I live very near a cemetery, and it's really never creeped me out.  I've even walked through and looked at some of the really old gravestones and noticed the ages.  Some of these people died very young.  Then I wonder what they could have died from, and think that it's sort of sad that they didn't have a very long life.  But at that time, a lot of people died fairly young.  Disease, child birth, and other things that time has taken care of, and those things don't happen nearly as much as they used to.

There is one cemetery that has been said to be one of the "most haunted cemeteries".  It's located in Roseville.  The physical address is Roselawn Cemetery, 803 Larpenteur Ave W, Roseville, MN 55113

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There have supposedly been many sightings of ghosts in and around the cemetery.  There is a mausoleum with a picture of a man smiling, and people have named him "smiling Jack".

Is "Jack" the guy that has been haunting the cemetery?  Maybe. Or, is it kids calling the police department with reports of sounds and noises of people being stuck in the mausoleum to keep the story alive?  That could also be.

The cemetery is also one of the most beautiful, apparently, with perfectly manicured lawn and water features and landscaping.  But if you are going to hang out there throughout the evening, you may hear some bump in the night.  But nothing more to worry about other than that.  There have been no reports of any spirits hurting anyone.  So these are all friendly ghosts.  Like Casper.

Might be a cool place to put on the list of places to visit if you are doing a "haunted tour" around Halloween; just for fun.  There is a list of several of them on the Only in Your State website.  

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