Finally, the MLB will begin their season. It's so late.  But at least it's something.  And because of this pandemic, there will be no fans in the stands.  That is super weird in itself, but it's also not great for the teams.  This means that they have gotten kind of creative in the way that there can still be some fan interaction.

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There has been all sorts of ideas, some of them including some canned claps, cheers and other types of crowd noise.  That just seems strange to me.  But one of the cooler things about being at an actual game is sometimes being able to catch a ball.

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So, now some of the MLB teams have come up with some cardboard cut outs that represent you, as a fan in a particular seat.  If a ball hits your cutout, you may be able to get the ball.  Well, again, it's something.  But here is the deal, most of the teams that are doing this will be charging a certain fee for these seats.  And where your seat is... where your cutout is, will determine how much you will have to pay.  The cost will range anywhere from $149-$299 for certain seats for the Dodgers, to FREE for the Minnesota Twins.  Hey, that one sounds like a deal.  But the Twins cutouts will be a bit different than some other teams.

The Twins, instead of a normal cardboard cutout, will have photos made into a 53 foot high mosaic that will be placed in the left field home run porch at Target Field.

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