Ok, whatever... another Super Bowl, and the Vikings are not in it again.  But - this year really what the Vikings needed was a good draft pick.  And after this season, hopefully they will get one.

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Let's just get to the food!

If you are planning on eating your feelings again this year for a party where Minnesota has no part of the game, are you going to be making the "most popular" snack?  What is the most popular snack in Minnesota?

According to ncsharp.com, the most popular snack in Minnesota is Buffalo Chicken Dip. And you know what?  I cannot argue.  It's delicious.  But people tend to make it with some variables.  It's not the same everywhere you go.  But always still yummy.

The top "big game" snack across the country is chili.  Also not surprising.  Across the country Buffalo Chicken Dip came in second.  And as with the chicken dip, chili has many different variables too.  How do you make it?  Hot, as in spicy?  White chicken chilli? Vegetarian chili? Chili without beans?  With extra beans?  However you make it, it's always good.  Sometimes the overly spicy can get me, but generally it's very good.

One of the most popular recipes for Buffalo Chicken Dip - this is from allrecipes.com.

This Buffalo chicken dip starts with two cans of chunk chicken, making it extra easy and affordable. Of course, you can substitute rotisserie chicken or shredded chicken breasts if you'd prefer.

Cream Cheese
Make sure the cream cheese is softened for easy incorporation.

Ranch Dressing
A cup of ranch dressing adds creaminess and tang.

Hot Sauce
Hot pepper sauce (such as Frank's) turns up the heat, mimicking the spicy flavor of Buffalo chicken wings. Use more or less than the recipe calls for to suit your flavor preferences.

Cheddar cheese is melted into the dip, creating a satisfyingly gooey texture and cheesy flavor.

Personally, I put a half cup of ranch dressing, and a half cup of blue cheese dressing in just to add a different flavor.  No one has ever complained... even if you aren't a fan of blue cheese - this way it isn't that overpowering.

What else are you making for your "big game" party?

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