Around here I mostly see people out for brunch and enjoying everything they can with food and flowers.  Maybe a card.  Or, let's have everyone over for a cookout and just hang outside as long as the bugs are light and we can finally do that, considering the Winter that we all went through.  Ugh!  Right?

But if you lived somewhere else... like another country... how do they  celebrate?  My thought is that everyone has or had a mother at one point in their lives... or at least a mother figure around.  Is the celebration different for them?  Do they even celebrate Mother's Day?  Could be an American  holiday, you know.

Here is what I found... France- that one started out with a medal.  Seriously.... for having a bunch of kids.  That makes me giggle for some reason.


Japan- that one seems more normal.  Flowers, drawings, things that honor your mom.

Mexico- that one is a SERIOUS holiday... and always on the same day.  It's not just on a certain Sunday in May like here.  It's May 10th regardless of what day of the week that falls on.  And there's a big party... because people like to party in Mexico.  Who doesn't, right?

John W. Ferguson, Getty Images/Scholastic/Barry Brecheisen, Getty Images/NBC/Sony Pictures

There's more, and some seem more fun than others, but whatever way to do it, at least call your mom on Sunday... if you can.