You guessed it "Motley Crue" is from Los Angeles.


Nikki Sixx (bass guitar) and Tommy lee (drums) then they brought Vince Neil (vocals0 and Mike Mars ( lead guitar).

The wild bunch with a not so pretty history, all having brushes with the law, all spent time in prison, all having addictions to cocaine and heroin, alcoholism and heavily tattooed, oh yeah: countless women equal "Motley Crue".

Regardless, they sell out show after show after show that in itself is amazing.

Ranked ninth onVh1's "All Time Top Ten Metal Bands" and tenth on MTV's list "Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands of All-Time".


All the guys have been in numerous bands and in that business one band leads to another 'til you find the chemistry and then the hits start to roll.

'Home Sweet Home' was recorded in 1985 and you will find it on their 'Theatre of Pain' and in 1991 on their, "Decade of Decadence". Actually it was the 1991 version that charted and Carrie Underwood recorded it for the 2009 American Idol.

In the  video  each member of the band receives a phone call and says "I'm on my way," the person that delivers the phone to the band member is the same person in each shot and is the same actor that played the principal in their "Smoking In The Boys Room" video .



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