So this guy gets tagged for speeding.  The police try to pull him over, but instead he flees.  So first of all, you know there is an issue.  Otherwise, why wouldn't he have just stopped like a normal person? You stop, you get your ticket or warning and move on with your life.  But if you have anything else going on.. apparently you try and get away. Which is super stupid, because you never get away, and now you have added fleeing an officer to your rap sheet.

This guy continued to lead the chase into a park where some little kids were playing.  That's where he hit a swing set and the chase ended.  Now, you have to wonder a little bit about thinking- at what time, when things seem to go into a child's play area, do you stop the chase if you are the police?  You have the license plate, you can probably get him later... probably.

Now, 3 kids were hurt, 2 critically.  And it took a couple of days, but yes, the guy is now being charged.  Seems like a no brainer to me.  And very sad.  Hopefully the kids, who are aged 2 and 4, will come out of this ok.

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