Ian Hunter (Patterson) stems from one of the greatest R&B/Glam rock bands of our time,"Mott the Hoople".

Their biggest hit written by  another Rock Icon David Bowie was ,"All The Young Dudes" but they seem to fair well with other hits, such as; "All the way to Memphis" and "30 Days in the Hole". That was all back in the 70's yet Rock-N-Roll lives on thank goodness.

Some forty years later, think that's a safe number It's Ian Hunter's 20th studio album titled, "When I'm President". The album will contain 11 original songs and to be released September 4th.

Who knows his forth coming album could produce another immortal anthem like the previous mentioned.

The title track has been released and according to Ian," The songs seem to be more upbeat this time round. The last two albums were pretty political, just because I thought the Bush years were horrible, and thankfully that’s passed. But I don’t go looking for songs; I have to wait for them to come to me. I had a spurt there in the summer of 2011, and that grew into this album. I’d get up every day with something ringing in my head, so I’d try to catch it and get it down. Songwriting’s always been a mystery to me in that way. Now and again you’re nearer the sun, and you have to be ready to capture it.”

Ian Hunter will start a tour in early September traveling to the United States and Europe.

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