Mayor Jacob Frey announced yesterday that the bars in Minneapolis will have to close beginning Saturday at 5pm.  This closure is to slow the spread of COVID-19 since there have been spikes in the virus mostly among  people in their 20s and 30s.  Contact tracing has brought it back to about 9 different area bars.  This closure will last indefinitely, or until cases have gone back down, or until the peacetime emergency order is over.


Now, when Frey said that bars will need to close again in Minneapolis, this sounds worse than what it is.  It means the actual bar. Like no counter service of any kind. You can go to the bar, as in the building, you just can't "belly up".  You will not be able to order a drink at the bar, or sit at the bar, or even stand around near the bar.  You will have to be seated.  You will need to order your drinks from a table.  The tables will need to be 6 feet apart as well.  This is still a blow to the bars.  It definitely means reduced capacity, and reduced sales.  If no one can be in "standing room only" then you obviously cannot have as many customers in your establishment.

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The good thing is that the bars can have indoor seating as well as outdoor seating.  So, that does help, but it still might not be enough to keep everyone in business.  This is such a difficult time anyway, and now there could be more favorite neighborhood establishments that will be forced to close.  Hopefully not, but no one can rule out that definite and real possibility.

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