Attention ice cream lovers, Mr. Twisty is bringing their iconic treats to Sartell in 2022. The City of Sartell shared the news on their Facebook page on Monday night:

The City of Sartell is excited to announce the lease agreement with Mr. Twisty to open a second location in Sartell in the spring of 2022 at Pinecone Central Park! Mr. Twisty will have a fully functional second location, open 7 days a week, and providing concession stand services during events at Pinecone Central Park.

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In an accompanying press release, it is stated that the lease will begin spring of 2022 and will be a ten-year lease. The plan is for the Sartell location to be opened at the beginning of May and be operational through September.

Mr. Twisty seems just as excited to be coming to Pinecone Park as Sartell is, they shared the news to their Facebook page as well with a photo of a Sartell Sabres hat and a Mr. Twisty shirt. An outfit combo that screams summer.

Mr. Twisty is currently open at their brick-and-mortar location at 5821 Ridgewood Road in St. Cloud, and they can be found at various events around the area in their ice cream truck. Get ready for a third option to get that delicious ice cream with the googly eyes next summer.

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