I'll probably get some strong feels from folks in the metro area, and mad hate from private schools, but I don't care. It's a conversation that needs to be had, with a change in protocol that needs to be done.

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) needs to update and reclassify sections for high school sports.

The Current (Outdated) MSHSL Ranking System

From the MSHSL website: "MSHSL enrollment is determined by the schools Minnesota Department of Education enrollment in year one in grades 9 – 12 minus 40 percent of their educational benefit. (free and reduced lunch)"

Schools are allowed to appeal to go up or down in class every two years. If a school is slaughtering the competition every year, I doubt they'll want to go up a class.

Choad's MSHSL Ranking Fix

First off, separate classes for public schools and private schools. Private schools can recruit players like a college, which leaves public schools at a major disadvantage (although public schools have recruited kids, too...it's a not-well-kept dirty secret).

Second: separate classes for metro-area schools and greater Minnesota schools. Although if public and private schools are divided, this might not be needed.

The Minnesota State High School League wants classes to be competitive; well, one team slaughtering its way to 3 straight state championships isn't exactly "competitive".

"LiFe IsN't FaIr, ChOaD". I'm well aware. The kids are well aware. That's no excuse for injustice. Stop coddling private schools and start leveling the playing field.

And that's yet another episode of Choad Rage.


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