I've never done a murder mystery. I've always wanted to so maybe I'll get off my lazy behind and check this out. It's looks interesting.

The St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce is hosting an 80's Themed Murder Mystery Dinner at Skatin' Place on October 23rd. It's will be an evening of fun, food and pretend murder. Plus you can dress up in your best 80's themed Halloween costume. I'm thinking Miami Vice style.

Here's how it's going down. Whoever buys a ticket will be given a character to play. I'm intrigued. Dexter Hanson said...

As they register, they are provided with a character they get to be and cue cards will be handed out the week of as well as the day of the event.

The night will feature appetizers, dinner, dessert and a cash bar and you'll get to participate in solving the murder which is always fun.


Tickets are $50 and you can you can get them by clicking the link below.

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