As a musician myself, I know from experience that having the proper musical gear is integral to getting the most out of your experience playing an instrument. I starting playing the alto and tenor saxophone when I was 11, and over the next couple of years I ended up learning guitar, bass, piano, and drums as well.


I lived in a relatively small town growing up. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the majority of the establishments in my hometown were dollar stores and banks. It was pretty bland. Anytime I needed music supplies I was forced to drive a whopping 45 minutes to the nearest music store.

It was inconvenient to say the least. However, now a days I live right here in St. Cloud, and I consider myself very lucky to have several music stores to swing by I ever need anything. If you happen to be a musician, or if you’re looking for gifts to buy the musical person in your life for Christmas, you should check out some of these stores in and around St. Cloud.

  • Al Asmus Band Instruments
  • Bridge Of Harmony
  • Rocktown Music
  • Eckroth Music
  • Johnsons’ Violins
  • Riff City Guitar And Music Company
  • Kracker Jacks Drum Shop

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