Due to the situation we are all experiencing, it didn't seem like any April Fool's pranks would be that funny, now.  So, I decided to share a prank I did, along with my morning show partner, back in the mid nineties.

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There hadn't been a new design of the $20 bill in a real long time. The treasury announced the debut of a newly designed bill with a lot of anti counterfeiting features added.

We started to run a promo on air the day before April Fool's stating that the new $20 bill was out and, here's the prank, the old 20's would only be good until the following Friday at midnight. The promo instructed listeners to take their old 20's to the bank before the deadline and exchange the old 20's for the new ones.

Needless to say, the banks in town were flooded with people trying to exchange their old 20's for the new ones. The banks weren't happy about the prank and made it known to our boss.

Sure, we caught hell but it was worth it.

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