When this whole March Madness deal started, I was doing really well.  Like the first one or two rounds- I only had like one mistake.  Then everything went down the tubes.  I wound up with only like 20 or something correct.  Pitiful.  I think Virginia busted most people's brackets.  Things did not go as planned.

Al Bello/Brian Bahr/Doug Pensinger, Getty Images
Al Bello/Brian Bahr/Doug Pensinger, Getty Images

Well, it's now over.  And no one that I predicted to be in the Final Four wound up in the Final Four.  Bummer.  But next year, this is going to be a whole lot closer to home!  The Final Four will be in Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium.  The organizers went to San Antonio to see how it's done, get some tips, so to speak.  This will include the games, obviously, but also a music festival of some kind.  I'm guessing sort of like how we handled the Super Bowl.  That went down pretty perfectly.  Let's see if we can do that this time with the Final Four.  The ticket lottery is open now too... 

And my bracket better not be busted that soon again.  That was just sad.  On the other hand, since I know absolutely NOTHING about college BB, I call getting through the first couple rounds almost completely unscathed a win.

Until next March... Cheers!

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