My wife saw my "I hate being left-handed" video and knew exactly what a couple Christmas gifts for me would be. She couldn't wait until then to give them to me...

The lefty notebook

Now that's what I'm talking about! No more spiral imprints on my hand and I can write in comfort. Notice how the punched holes are still on the left so nobody knows I use a special notebook.

Lefty Notebook. Spiral on opposite side.

The lefty scissors

The handle is molded to the opposite hand than normal. When using a normal scissors, I'm always trying to fit my hand into a handle molded for a right hand. The blades are reversed for cutting the way a scissors is meant to.

Lefty Scissors. The handle and blades are reversed.

The lefty tape measure

The belt hook is still on the correct side to go along with the standards for utility belts, but notice the awesomeness of the printing of the tape. It's printed reverse so a lefty can look at the numbers correctly. Normally the numbers are upside-down to us southpaws!

Lefty tape measure. The print is the opposite

They really DO make things for us left-handed folks, and that makes me very happy! The next big search will be left-handed power tools. See my original video below on why I've hated being left-handed my entire life: