I have a confession to make (insert Foo Fighters joke here) - I'm addicted... to coffee. It's been a life long habit for me. I remember being about six or seven years old and getting my hands on my first cup of joe. It was love at first sip. Of course, when you're that young you don't really have the capacity to appreciate black coffee, so it was loaded down with creamer and sugar.

Nonetheless, it was awesome. I instantly fell in love with the aroma, taste, the caffeine buzz, and the comfort of holding it in my hand. Drinking coffee really is a complete experience. Ever since then, I've been consuming it nearly every day of my life. Sometimes I exchange coffee for an energy drink, but really, at heart, I'm a coffee guy.

I've been known to down up to three pots in a single day. Yeah, it's excessive. Thankfully for we coffee junkies, there's certainly no shortage of awesome coffee shops in and around the St. Cloud area. Today dear reader, we're going to be taking a look at the best places near us to grab a cup or ten of our favorite beverage. Here we go.

- Coffee and Bagels
- Dunn Brothers Coffee
- Capital One Cafe'
- Rock Creek Coffeehouse
- Caribou Coffee
- Starbucks
- The Local Blend
- Gruber's Cafe'
- GW Gourmet Coffee
- Nori Cafe' and Creamery
- Brigitte's Cafe'
- Jules' Bistro

If I had to recommend just one of them, I'd probably have to go with Jules' Bistro, but honestly it's hard to go wrong with any of these fine establishments.

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