I finally got to see a Vikings game at US Bank Stadium. It was built when I was not living in Minnesota so every time I watched a game on TV, I kept thinking about how much I wanted to see a game there. Before deciding to move back here, I had planned on making a trip back at some point just to see a game. Now that I'm back, it finally happened.

It was a father and daughter day. My daughter is really the only sports fan in my family. My wife doesn't care about sports and neither does my son. So it was a great moment for her and I to hang out together.

Now keep in mind that she is a Colorado native so she grew up a Broncos fan. So this trip was two-fold. Hang with my daughter and hopefully get her to eventually become a Vikings fan.

She was so excited! She kept talking about it for weeks leading up to it. And when we finally got there, the smile never her left her face. I'll never forget the look she had when we were walking down to the awesome, 3rd row seats, right off the 20 yard line. She couldn't believe how close we were.

She was really into everything Vikings. She asked about players and the history of the team. I think that by mid-season, she'll be forgetting about the Broncos and will be bleeding purple like her dad does. A father can hope anyway.

Check out some of the photo's from our day at the game...

My first Vikings game at US Bank Stadium


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