I've been doing this radio thing for over 35 years now. I've met many famous people, worked with very talented people and built a fortune of about $165 (as of noon today). I went into radio because the last thing I wanted was a "job".   It's been fun, even with the firings, crappy pay, most of the time and the occasional staff meeting. "Not one of us is as dumb as all of us".  Here are some fun facts about radio.

There's a reason we aren't on TV

I've played some of the most talented artists ever.....and KISS.

FM stands for Frequency Modulation and AM stands for Angry Male

It beats working for a living


New market, new family

If the studio walls could talk, we'd have to burn the place down

If I gave up coffee, my heart would stop cold

We all have inflatable furniture

WKRP was pretty much right on the money

It's difficult maintaining an ego when you're swinging from the bottom rung of the ladder of show business

Nothing is forever, especially a job in radio

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