Many years ago, i had the pleasure of meeting a very talented kid named Jonny Lang.

2014 NAMM Show - Day 1
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Jonny's dad had put together a band called Kid Jonny Lang and the Big bang. Jonny was seemingly a normal 14 year old at the time. He would come on our morning show in Fargo quite often to promote upcoming shows.

We would tease him mercilessly about having the blues at the tender age of 14. "What do you have the blues about? Forget your locker combination?". Stuff like that. We had no idea he would rise to where he is today.

I was the first guy to ever play a Jonny Lang record on the radio and my morning show partner and I brought him on stage for his very first time. I remember it well. This skinny kid wearing a suit that was too big for him.

At that time, he didn't even play guitar. The guitarist in his band, Ted Larson who recently played with the Lamont Cranston Band, taught Jonny how to play. And Jonny was a quick learner.

You can catch what promises to be a great show, September 7th at the Wayzata Beach Bash. Listen to the Loon to win tickets.

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