I’ve had a few dogs in my life and several cats. I have been extremely fond of all of them. But I have never had a puppy before. Puppies are completely different animals, pun intended.

I surprised my daughter with a puppy for her birthday about a month ago. He is a Havanese that my daughter named Mr. Waffles. He is awesome and so very cute. For about a month after that, it’s been a waiting game. I did arrange for a couple of puppy play dates. That did help in both getting the puppy to know us, but also getting to know him. Ultimately it led to all of us trying to contain our excitement and a good lesson about patience for my daughter.

David Black


The day finally came to bring our new puppy home. Which, by the way, I had to make that a surprise as well, by bringing him home a day early. Yeah, I’m that kind of a dad (and going for the “Dad of the Year” award).

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Since the day I brought him home, which is only a few days ago, he has controlled almost every aspect of my life. Whether it’s having to let him out at two in the morning, having our playtime, or just thinking about him almost every moment. He’s been the focus for me and the family. And I am loving it.

David Black


If you’re looking for a dog in the future, I recommend a Havanese. I got Mr. Waffles from Carla at My Heavenly Havanese just outside of Foley. They’re highly intelligent, easy to train, and great for people with slight dog allergies. Oh, they also love to cuddle, and have I mentioned that they are so cute.

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