Given that companies spend millions of dollars every year, for a thirty second spot during the Super Bowl, you would expect them to be really good...or at least pretty damn good. Sometimes they are, sometimes they're not.

In terms of the amount of REALLY good commercial's, this year was just okay for me. But there are some commercials I really liked...but it's just like my opinion man.

Here's my top favorite commercials from Super Bowl 54:

#1) Jeep "Groundhog Day"

First and foremost, anything with Bill Murray is just plain awesome. Second, doing a commercial on Groundhog Day, with Murray's character from the movie going through the whole thing again, but actually enjoying it this time because he has a jeep, was brilliant.


#2) Hyundai "Smaht Pahk"

Rachel Dratch fit right into this "smaht pahk" car Hyundai was advertising perfectly. I instantly got flashbacks of her and Jimmy Fallon on SNL. The addition of Chris Evans and John Krasinski was 'wicked smart' and Big Papi was a nice touch at the end.


#3) Rocket Mortgage "Jason Momoa"

I love this mostly because it freaked the ladies out. "Oh my god, I can't see him as a big sexy hunk anymore!" Now that's...satisfaction.


#4) Squarespace "Winona in Winona"

Of course, this is going to be on the list. Sure, geography plays a big part for me as a Minnesotan, but it's a pretty good commercial. It has a known actress (Winona Ryder) that's in the very successful show on Netflix called "Stranger Things".

I'm sure this commercial will lead a quite few small town folk, from all over the country, to check out the Squarespace site. Bonus: The 'short film' makes the campaign better.

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#5) NFL "Next 100"

Yes, it is self-serving for the NFL to do this, but it doesn't negate it from being good. And it was cool the way they incorporated into the live footage.


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