It's not that I'm a perfect husband. It's mostly because my job is 160 miles away from home, so I'm pretty much gone five days a week. She claims we will stay married longer this way but deep down I think she's kidding, I hope.

She also gets to do most of the fun stuff around the house. You know, snow romoval, lawn care.  All that fun stuff. God, knows she needs this to relax after her 10 to 12 hour work days.


Having a kingsize bed all to herself can't be all bad, either. However, our 80 pound dog Astro, occupies my side of the bed while I'm gone. Weekends, when I come into the bedroom, he looks at me like, "Where are you going to sleep?". If I sweet talk him a bit, I'll get a sliver of the bed.

So, obviously, I'm the lucky one. Not many wives can handle this radio business.  Took me a long time to find her and no, she wasn't hiding.  Sweet, smart, funny, pretty,a bucket full of crazy and that bewildered look when she says "How does your brain work?"  How could I go wrong?.

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