The whole idea of advertising is to get your business noticed and remembered, right? Well, sometimes some people are not going to appreciate your efforts.

Dawn Moon has opened a new nail salon in Ohio and wanted a catchy name that people would take notice of and she has down just that.

She named her new nail salon Hand Jobs Nails and Spa. She said , "In less than a week the whole country knows about us. If you get your nose done, it's called a nose job. Well, here you come in and get your hands done".  Makes sense to me. There is a dog grooming business that calls itself Doggy Style.


Dawn says her customers like the name, as do her employees. Even the neighboring businesses don't seem to mind. As expected, not everyone is thrilled with the name of the new nail salon. She's received a few comments like, not very classy, not very community friendly.

Her next battle is with the zoning commission on whether she can keep the name on her sign outside.

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