There are some songs that just sound so great while listening with good headphones.  "Good" headphones is the secret.

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Sure music can sound great without using headphones, but there are some tunes that are their best using a quality pair of headphones.

One that comes to mind is The Doors "Riders on the Storm" album cut. If you listen through headphones, you can hear Jim Morrison whispering the lyrics over his vocals, giving it an even more haunted sound. Story has it, Morrison went into the studio and whispered the lyrics over his vocals and it sounds great.

It's much easier to get the full essence with headphones on.

Just about any Zeppelin sounds great also. "When the Levee Breaks" you get the true sound of the unique way it was recorded. Drummer John Bonham was set up in the living room of an old castle with the rest of the band upstairs. You can hear the drums echoing up the stairs, giving it a really cool effect.

I tend to use headphones a lot at home to listen to music and I'd appreciate any suggestions on great headphone tunes.

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