Naomi Watts is an Academy Award nominated actress and goodwill ambassador. She is all over the news today for scoring the role of Princess Diana in the upcoming flick ‘Caught in Flight.’ Those things don’t mean anything compared to the honor of being named ‘Crush of the Day.’

An interesting nugget of info is that Naomi’s father’s manic laugh can be heard in the Pink Floyd songs ‘Speak to Me’ and ‘Brain Damage’ from ‘The Dark Side of the Moon.’ That is one of those cool facts a person can use to dazzle people at parties. Also, pretty cool growing up and bragging about it to friends. “My dad is on ‘Dark Side of the Moon!’ What has your dad done?!?”

Our dads got really drunk listening to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ then probably had sex. It’s how we got here. Beat that!