For the last 28 years, I've been lucky enough to be able to do morning radio. It comes with one major drawback. Getting up at, what I consider a hideous hour. 4 AM comes way too early and it's been a chore to get my but outta bed 5 days a week at that time.

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Before I made my switch over to being on the radio, I was a night bartender. These hours jelled nicely for me. Work til 2 AM and sleep til noon. After starting morning radio, all of a sudden I'm getting up when I used to go to bed. I'm obviously a night person.

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In order to continue being a night person, I let myself take a 2 to 3 hour nap in the afternoon.  This enables me to stay up at night until 11-11:30.  I just never could get that going to bed at 8 PM and getting 8 hours of continuous sleep thing down.

Well, according to this study, I may just die early because of my sleep schedule. After looking at 20 studies on napping, and studying the effect napping had on the health of 300,000 people, they found frequent nappers had a 19% greater chance of kicking the bucket early.

Long nappers, like myself, have the percentage jump to 30%.  However, if you get six or less hours of sleep, long afternoon naps weren't quite as likely to cause an early demise. So, I'm good.

Whatever.  Like I said, I'll take my chances.

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