NASA just came out with amazing news of seven new planets orbiting a nearby star that could sustain life. In a short amount of time, we should know for sure if humans could actually live on them - so, would you go?

There are seven new Earth-sized planets in a nearby solar system, and three of them could possibly be habitable. The system is around a star called TRAPPIST-1, a small ultra-cool dwarf star 40 light-years away about the size of Jupiter.

TRAPPIST-1 has seven plants orbiting around it, and since the star is not very large, temperatures are moderate and could contain water. If water is on any of the planets, humans could possibly live on three of them. We could know in a short amount of time - within the next decade.

NASA Telescope Reveals Seven Earth-sized Planets Around Single Star
NASA via Getty Images

So, would you go if NASA offered a space expedition for humans to start a new life in a different solar system? The thought is crazy, but lots of people would actually like a fresh beginning on a new planet. (Maybe the election has something to do with it?)


Here is an outline of the entire new NASA discovery:

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