It seems that every day is a National Day of Something.  And usually I don't really pay much attention to those days, but today you could get something free out of the deal.  And the fact that it's a free coffee when I would probably get one anyway is an added bonus.

So, when you are celebrating "free coffee day" where can you go to score one of those free coffees, other than in your own kitchen?  And even then, you did have to buy the coffee, so still not exactly free.

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There are a few places that are offering free coffee, but usually a purchase of something else goes along with it.

Barnes and Noble.

The bookseller is offering a free tall coffee, which in Starbucks language is a small, with the purchase of a baked item. And since other Starbucks chains will not have any sort of free coffee deal.  Only Starbucks within B&N.


Caribou is offering a deal on coffee.  Not free.  But you can get a $3 hand crafted coffee, normally around $5.  So, yeah. Not free... but you can save a couple of bucks on something you may be planning on ordering anyway.


If you have Scooters app, you just need to have that scanned at their locations and you will get a free small coffee.

Loves Travel Stop

Got a dollar?  You can get any size coffee for just a dollar.


If you order through the McDonald's app you will get a coffee for just .99 Cents.  Not just today, but for the rest of the year.


They have a "Sip Club".  If you sign up today you will get the first two months for free. If you are already a subscriber to their Sip Club, you will get $2 off some beverages and smoothies with the one time app offer.


Peets is located in the Capital One building downtown St. Cloud.  If you purchase a bag of beans, k-cups or some other take home coffee item, you will also get a free small coffee today.  Or, get 20% off just ordering a coffee with the code COFFEEDAY


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