Today is the day!  Who doesn't love National Drink Beer Day?   Some people would just call that any day that ends in 'Y", but it's officially National Drink Beer day today.  So, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate that with some local breweries.

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Unfortunately, not all of them are open on Mondays.  So that just means that National Drink Beer day will be extended for a couple of days this week.  Oh, Darn!  We have quite a few breweries in the area.  And they are all brewing up their special  blends. There really is something for everyone at each of these breweries.  Whether it's a stout, an IPA, pilsner, ale, lager, and several others.  You should be able to find something that suits your pallet anywhere you are in Minnesota.

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Right here in the area we have several choices.

Granite City:  They are open today beginning at 11am.

Beaver Island:  They open today at 3pm.

Pantown Brewery: They aren't open until Wednesday, so that's when we will extend the National Drink Beer Day to Wednesday.

Bad Habit Brewery in St. Joseph: They also aren't open until Wednesday. So that one will also have to wait.

Third Street Brewhouse in Cold Spring: They will be open Friday beginning at 4pm.  Plan that one for the weekend.

7 West Taphouse: Opening  today at 11am.  Stop in for lunch... who knew that you ordered beer too?  I won't tell.

There are more tap houses and breweries around the area, North and South of St Cloud. So where ever you are, take advantage of "National Drink Beer Day" and support your local breweries!


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