I've always been a rock guy. Occasionally, I dabbled in the old, good country. you know, Waylon, Willie and the true country artists. I don't have much time for the poppy formula music that attempts to pass for country music now days.

Really, though, how can you not love Willie Nelson. He truly is a music icon and such a down to earth, humble artist.

I remember an interview with Willie's daughter, where she said "Until I was 20. I thought everybody moved at night".  She was recalling her youth with Willie as her dad and living the struggle of an up and coming artist.  in another interview, one of Willie's longtime band member was quoted as saying "When we are on stage with Willie, we never know what the next song is until Willie starts playing. Sometimes it will be a song we haven't played in 15 or 20 years".


You don't have to be a country fan to be a Willie Nelson fan. Willie is an American icon and aging, so don't miss this show.

Willie and Family w/ Allison Krause. will be performing in the Twin Cities, August 2nd at the Target Center. Tickets go on sale this Friday (12th) at noon.

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