Well, that's fitting.  Since most people are working for home... if they are working.  And enter the world of Zoom calls, Teams calls and other types of video conferencing.  Sometimes things don't always go as planned.

The Coronavirus In Germany: Week 3
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Some of the most embarrassing things that have happened are kids coming into the frame, not wearing pants, and people notice.  People accidentally... or maybe on purpose... passing gas, and just general things that you usually don't have to worry about if you are working at the office like normal.

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I think most people have seen some weather reporters trying to get their forecasts in, and there is a dog barking, or a kid asking where something is, or wanting to go somewhere.  It takes quite a few tries before the forecast actually can be recorded enough to actually air.  Then we get to see what happened via youtube, because that's good humor!

In this case it was a dog....

The National toDAY site actually put together a graph showing what the most embarrassing things that have happened have been.

1. Staged background (I love that this is an option)

2. Hid a messy space

3. Embarrassed by kids

4. Embarrassed by significant other

5. Reworn clothes (like 2 days in a row)

6. Used the bathroom (remember the girl who brought her computer with her to the bathroom and forgot to turn her camera off)

7. Passed gas loudly

8. Accidental nudity (this might be more embarrassing than the passing gas... maybe)

Whatever the situation, things have gotten kind of weird in the last few weeks and months.  We have all had to adapt in some way.  Hopefully things will get back to more normalcy soon.

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