The Minnesota State Fair is one of the biggest get-togethers in the entire state. So how does our state fair rank among others in the country? You may be surprised!

A 2017 survey done by SmartAsset ranked each state's state fair based on the factors of attendance, child/adult prices, and odd enough - precipitation (rain) during the previous fairs.

Sure, every state thinks their state fair is among the best, and that might be why we're so surprised that Minnesota didn't rank even close to the top 10!

Here's the top 10 list:

  • 1st - Mississippi State Fair
  • 2nd - New Mexico State Fair
  • 3rd - North Dakota State Fair
  • 4th - Oregon State Fair (tie)
  • 4th - South Dakota State Fair (tie)
  • 6th - California State Fair
  • 7th - Great New York State Fair
  • 8th - North Carolina State Fair
  • 9th - Colorado State Fair
  • 10th - Illinois State Fair

It's bad enough that we didn't make the list, but a little tougher to chew seeing that North and South Dakota both made it in the top 5 in the entire country. There's GOT to be something Minnesota can do about this!

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