I've been a huge Batman fan since I was a little kid, and I have faithfully followed the progress of The Dark Knight and family through his many incarnations outside of the comic books, including the films.

As a result, I'm constantly being distracted in my quest for actual web article inspiration, by Facebook feeds from the 85 different 'Bat-FB Pages' I have liked .

But recently one caught my eye, simply because it featured a hot chick; Marisha Ray.  Who, according to her info page on Stan Lee's Comikazeexpo.com, is just a "southern belle from Kentucky" who "is also known for her character and movement work in acting." Marisha along with a group of Bat-Fans have scuttled together enough money and equipment to produce a web-series featuring the 3rd incarnation of DC's Batgirl; Stephanie Brown.

Note that this new web-series, titled Batgirl: SPOILED, is completely fan made, which means it's not licensed by DC or Warner Brothers which hold rights to the 'Batman Family' of characters. That also means it's not going to be of the caliber of a Nolan Bat-Universe, but it is cool nonetheless.

Marisha and crew promise more of the series, and I would imagine as it's popularity grows, more money and support will pour in. So if you like this, SHARE it by clicking any of our 'sharing' options below the videos.

The Batgirl: Spoiled web-series premiered at ComicakazeExpo with a stunt show featuring Marisha and her stunt choregrapher Paradox Pollack. You can see that video below