I can't stand it when I get into a series on Netflix and suddenly it's over. Well, either it's over or there are only a season or two.  And when you binge watch stuff, it tends to go by very quickly, then you sit there going "well, now what am I going to watch?"

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Mystery Science Theatre 3000, which originated out of a little place in Hopkins in the '80s was this awesomely strange and hilarious show that I would just happen by on like a Saturday morning or something.  At first I was all... 'what the heck is THIS'?  Looks weird.  It was 3 guys in silhouette watching some old D-grade movie and basically making fun of it.  It's one of those things that you watch and at first it's really dumb, and after a bit it becomes absolutely hilarious.

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After a couple of reboots and a move to the comedy channel, and then to the Syfy channel, it was finally cancelled in 1999.  That was a pretty good run with it being picked up by different networks.  Then enter Netflix.

This version included people like Patton Oswalt, who I think is totally hilarious, and it got a new run of 2 seasons.  Two seasons, and just like that, it's cancelled...again.  BUMMER!

Netflix seems to cancel all sorts of great shows.  Ozark, a crowd favorite is also being cancelled after this upcoming and final 4th season.  The Kominsky Method with Michael Douglas (definitely check this one out too) is being cancelled after it's upcoming third and final season.  It seems like I keep picking shows to watch that always get cancelled.  Why can't we have indefinite seasons... like Grey's Anatomy. That thing seems to go on endlessly.

But- here's to Netflix... and hopefully some new series that last longer than 3 or 4 seasons.  (here's a list of the latest cancellations).

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