‘You’ve Got It’ is the latest Bruce Springsteen song to be released as part of the ‘Wrecking Ball’ pre-release promotion. The campaign promises to deliver all of the album’s new songs, one by one, up to the point of its March 6 street date.

Springsteen’s marketing team must be working overtime, because the Boss has also agreed to spend an entire week on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.’

‘You’ve Got It’ seems destined to be a stand out number on the new album. It’s stripped down compared to some of the other tracks we’ve heard thus far. In fact, the simplicity of the acoustic guitar and Springsteen’s strong vocal on this song takes one back to 1984’s ‘Nebraska’ era, which is a welcome surprise.

The omission of Springsteen’s thunderous sounding band and choral singers allows one to focus more on the lyrics which simply suggests that, well, you’ve “got it.” It’s fairly safe to assume that Springsteen is talking about chemistry as there is definitely a sexual undertone holding this one together.

Apparently, “it” can’t be found, made, purchased or taught…”but you know it when you feel it,” and here, Springsteen commands that his baby give it to him. ‘You’ve Got It’ does pick up with the aptly timed addition of slide guitar, percussion and a hand clapping rhythm but overall, it’s the song’s bare boned foundation that draws you directly into Springsteen’s hand.

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