Seann Williams Scott, you probably know him best as Stifler from the American Pie movies.  He has just been cast as a new character in the Lethal Weapon TV series as they are renewed for a 3rd season.  Clayne Crawford, who has played Riggs for the first 2 seasons, has been fired for what they are describing as "bad behavior" on set.  Apparently there were two incidents where Crawford acted in anger and in one a member of the cast was hit with some shrapnel in a scene that Crawford was directing.

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Crawford has congratulated the cast and crew on being renewed for a third season, even though he will not be a part of it, and said it was his dream job and the experience will always be with him.

Seann Williams Scott is originally from Cottage Grove, Minnesota.  He has been mostly known for playing roles that are comedic, although he has said that he doesn't consider himself funny.  So to take on those roles is a way to challenge himself as an actor.

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As far as how the writers are going to explain the exit of Crawford's character Martin Riggs, it may be an easy out as Riggs was shot in the season finale.  There has been a rumor that the new character played by Scott will possibly be Riggs' brother.

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