Stephen Stills is an artist that has a career that spans more than 50 years and success has followed him every where he's gone. Now we get a first hand look at his varied catalog with 'Carry On'.

Stephen Stills,'Carry On',
Stephen Stills,'Carry On',

Stephen had a brief stint with the New York club band Au Go Go Singers, eventually he left that band along with Richie Furay and they formed The Buffalo Springfield. next up was Crosby, Stills,Nash and Young, follow that up with his solo career and you've got quite the catalog.

The catalog of music is pretty extensive and documents a great career in a 4-CD box set that includes a few bonus gems, i.e., some previously unreleased jam sessions with Jimi Hendrix, You may or may not know Jimi and Stephen were very good friends and a jam session with those two could only be something special.

Available in a 4-CD box set and released date is March 26th, 2013.

Attached is a music video of Stephen Stills and Jimi Hendrix together on the song, "Old Times Good Times" that features some great pictures.

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