The story of Syd Barrett is no doubt a sad one but this artist was amazing for his time.

Syd was a master songwriter and when he rose to the scene he was the vocalist of virtually all of Pink Floyd's album, 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn', sadly enough this would be his last Pink Floyd album.

An artist that suffered with a lot of mental health issues and it didn't help that he compounded that with heavy drug use.

Syd wasn't finished by any means, once out of the band he did make an attempt at a solo career by releasing two studio albums in 1970. Eventually he returned home where he grew up and became a recluse until his death in 2006.

'Madcap Laughs' and 'Barrett' were those two albums and a compilation of unreleased recordings and some great outtakes from 1988, 'Opel' have been reissued by Capital Records (February 5th,2013) on CD. Get them while they're hot.

Attached is a rare video of Syd and Pink Floyd performing live, "Astronomy Domine" from 1967. Don't look for David Gilmore he's not in the band.