SARTELL (WJON News) - A Sartell man has turned his loved for good coffee into a small business.

Josh Kaeter began roasting coffee in 2020 and giving the final product to family and friends as gifts. He decided to refine his business model and opened his own roastery, Eminent Coffee Roasters, earlier this year.

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Kaeter says limited release coffees beans are sourced directly from producers, with the goal for everything to be direct in the future.

If you've ever seen coffee farmers work, they are some of the hardest working people I've ever seen. The care they put into their harvest in unmeasured. Every single coffee that comes from them has an awesome story and that's the goal to connect our cultures.

Kaeter says spending time on a coffee farm solidified his passion for coffee and getting into the industry.

He says right now he's a one man operation when it comes to the coffee he produces.

Right now I'm doing two to three days as roast days. I'm working on getting a few more wholesale accounts, but everything from the roaster, packaging, marketing is all me right now.

Kaeter says he does plan to add staff in the future. He says he recently added a mobile espresso cart and is working to open a cafe space at the roastery by next summer.

Eminent Coffee Roasters can be found online or at the Good Earth Food Co-Op.


Eminent Coffee Roasters

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