FOLEY -- Little Stampedes is a new daycare opening up just east of Foley. The daycare is on an 80-acre plot of farmland with animals.

Owner Tiah Chapp says they are now accepting children for care.

I'm doing interviews with families and we converse quite a bit over email, over the phone. A lot of people reach out to me through Facebook with messager. It's just a lot of inquiries at the present time.

Chapp says their space allows a lot of room for play and learning.

To me, that's one thing I think that should stand out to families because it's more geared towards actually getting the kids to understand, getting down on their level, teaching them, and having them learn in a way that they understand, versus a busy setting.


She promises that each child will learn something every day in a safe environment.

Here is a link to the Little Stampedes Facebook Page.

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