If you've never heard of the Unicode Consortium, don't worry, most people haven't or at least not until recently. They're a nonprofit that runs a bunch of different standards for the Internet and...they control EMOJIS.

They just announced 230 new emojis that you should see on your phone sometime later year.  Here's what you can expect...

  1. A yawning face.
  2. Lots of emojis focused on disabilities, including a deaf person, people in wheelchairs, blind people using walking canes, Seeing Eye dogs, and mechanical arms and legs.
  3. New animals...including the flamingo, sloth, and skunk.
  4. New foods...including a waffle, butter, onions, and a juice box.
  5. A drop of blood.
  6. And a hand making a pinching gesture . . . which everyone online is calling the "tiny unit" emoji.  Get ready to send this to anyone who shoots you an unsolicited junk pic.

Check out all the new emoji's here.



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