I love it when they film holiday movies somewhere it's actually cold and snowy for part of the year.  And let's be honest, for about half the year, honestly.  So, let's film a holiday (probaby predictable) romantic comedy in the place known for holiday cold weather.

Well, that would have been a good idea. Instead, it was actually filmed in British Columbia and the setting is just in Minnesota.  I'm guessing it's cheaper in Canada to film these movies.

This movie is on FreeVee.  This is a streaming service through Amazon that is actually free - as it says in the name of the streaming service.  Because it is free, there are a few commercials within the show.  It's not as many as there would be during a normal network show, but there are commercials, so be aware of that.

The movie is called "EXmas" and stars Leighton Meester, from the CW's Gossip Girl fame, and Robbie Arnell. One reviewer from the StarTribune, says that when the movie "Jingle All The Way" flopped, movie makers would stop thinking of Minnesota as a great back drop for holiday movies.  But Minnesota is still the heartbeat for "home for the holidays" movies.

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I'm absolutely here for that too.

The film opens with Ali Moyer and Graham Stroop (Leighton Meester and Robbie Amell) licking their wounds after a bad breakup in the hustle-bustle land of Los Angeles. Naturally, the only place that can provide cheer — and a possible reconciliation — is the Minnesota-based home of Graham's parents

The movie never really states where they are, exactly within the state.  And they use fictitious towns and teams.  And also - not quite so family friendly as the Hallmark Channel is  The "love scenes" if you can call them that, are just a little "more" than what you would get on Hallmark.

Also, another reviewer on the StarTribune says that people who live in Minnesota will also laugh at the "lightweight wardrobes the characters choose for an ice-fishing expedition: They dress like they're modeling for a ski resort fashion show".

I'm still going to at least check it out.  You?

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